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Large-scale recording and closed-loop solutions - amplipex ltd

Large-scale recording and closed-loop solutions


256 channel Multiplexed Biosignal Amplifier

- Hosts to up to 8 individual 32 channel multiplexer headstages
- Flexible headstage connection up to 256 channels
- Expandable to 1024 channels or more
- 32 individual external input channels (±10 V) (partial or complete substitute of the 8th headstage input)
- Flexible sampling rate: 256 channels @ 20-30-40 kS/s (factory predefined by user request), or less channel up to 1.28 MS/s/channel (user selectable during runtime)
- 8 DC coupled high speed inputs (up to 1.28 MS/s)
- 4 additional digital input channels for sync signals

Real-time closed-loop demultiplexer

- Demultiplexing output for any four of the 256 multiplexed channels
- Fully analogue hardware solution
- Time delay of demultiplexing: < 0.1 ms
- Variable gain
- Outputs for raw demultiplexed signal and high pass filtered signal for MUA

AmpliRec - Large-scale Data Aquisition Software

- Synchronous recording of 256 channels
- Online demultiplexing and channel display on screen
- Flexible channel display arrangement
- Fully synchronized motion tracking using any USB video recording device
- Output data format compatible with Neuroscope, Klustakwik, and Klusters data processing softwares.